Contract-to-Hire refers to those types of hiring processes, where the business organization gets an opportunity to hire their temporary employees into full-time positions, after a complete evaluation process. Contract-to-hire staffing solutions are not similar to temporary/contract based staffing solutions. In this type of staffing process, the right candidates are hired short term with an intention to hire them on a permanent position.


MetaOption’s Contract-to-Hire staffing services offer an opportunity to business enterprises and organizations to structure an effective strategy whereby they can test an employee’s skills and capabilities before hiring them. With our Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services, employers have the flexibility to monitor the work performance of a short-term consultant and then offer a permanent position to them.

MetaOption IT Staffing Solutions is a one-stop solution for all your contract-to-hiring needs. We provide you with some of the most talented and experienced technology experts. We conduct a rigorous pre-screening and evaluation of the candidates before presenting them to you, which ensures that they are the right candidates for your organization’s job profile.

The benefits of Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services by MetaOption-

Reduced Risks of Bad Hiring-

Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services will help you reduce the risk of making bad hiring decisions. Your organization will have the opportunity to evaluate candidates before offering them a permanent position.

Evaluate Candidate’s Work Performance-

Your organization can closely monitor and evaluate a candidate’s performance and decide whether they are up to your expectations and will be suitable for a permanent position.

Increased Productivity-

Your business enterprise productivity can be increased by saving time and effort selecting the right resources.

Increase Efficiency of the HR Department-

MetaOption Staffing Services will help your organization search, screen and evaluate candidates. This would also lower costs for the HR department.

Maintain Corporate Standards-

You can be sure that your business organization hires professional and experienced candidates only. We would strive to present you experienced profiles that meet your standards and fit your corporate culture.

Ensure hiring of long term assets-

MetaOption Staffing Services will help you meet with talented professionals who may become long term assets to your organization. Our Staffing Services are a perfect bridge that brings employee and employer together.

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