Temporary Staffing or Contract based hiring refers to those employees who are hired for a certain period of time ranging from a few months to as long as year or more. Business Enterprises need temporary staffing solutions to maintain a smooth workflow for their on-going complex business projects.


MetaOption Temporary/Contract Staffing Services provides you with efficient, cost-effective, flexible and responsive solutions for meeting your business enterprises’ individual needs and goals. We have been successful in providing on target solutions for filling short term needs for qualified resources for any upcoming project, coming seasonal requirement, business fluctuation or any other situation, where business enterprises need staffing solutions for a specific period.

MetaOption is a one-stop solution for all your temporary staffing requirements. With our services, you can find professional resources with technical skills in wide diverse industries. Before the client presentation, we ensure that the selected candidate has all the skills required for the job by conducting an advanced evaluation process. Our temporary and contract based staffing services also ensures that your organization gets the best resources in its budget.

Benefits of Temporary/Contract based Hiring Services by MetaOption-

Easy Hiring-

Your business enterprise doesn’t need to search for the candidates, screen their resumes and take interviews. You just need to hand over all your hiring responsibilities to us and we will look after each and every step of temporary hiring. This is time saving as well.


We provide affordable temporary staffing solutions for your business organization. You don’t need to spend a single penny for searching, screening, evaluating and even training the candidates. We would present you trained professional resources.

Answer Your Businesses’ Short-Period Needs-

With our temporary staffing services, you can fulfill all your organization’s staffing needs for short periods. It helps you in getting resources for a specific time frame, for example, during new or on-going project, season requirements for fulfilling the work loss due to absenteeism of a regular employee.

Try Before You Hire-

If you are tired of searching a perfect regular employee for your organization, we have the best solutions waiting for you. Hire a talented resource for a short time using our temporary staffing services, and if his/her work is up to the mark, you can confirm them for the permanent position.(Know More – Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services)

Meet Talented Minds-

Our temporary staffing services will help you in find the most talented minds in any sector or technical industry. We have a strong database of professional and experienced candidates for temporary hiring.

Reduced Risks-

MetaOption Temporary Staffing Services provides you pre-screened and pre-evaluated job profiles, which reduces the risk of time and money loss in screening and evaluating candidates for temporary positions again.

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