Get The Right People

MetaOption employs a strong team of IT recruiters, who are highly experienced in the IT Staffing industry. Our effective staffing process involves careful understanding of your organization’s requirements to help you get reliable and cost effective access to the industry’s most talented resources. Our recruitment team screens every candidate for their soft skills and technical skills very carefully. In addition, we meticulously check the background of each candidate and contact the references provided by them. Our ‘MetaOption Global Sourcing and Delivery Model’ ensures that you get the right candidate at the right cost every time.

Before we present any candidate to you, we go through the various steps involved in our Staffing Process-

  • Search-
    • Our expert IT Recruiters will search for the right candidate in our up-to-date database and various numbers of other resources. The recruiters make sure that the search results match all your businesses’ individual needs and requirements.
  • Contact the best profiles-
    • After refining the search results, our IT recruiters will contact the right candidates and will explain the job description to them. They will make sure that the candidate is interested in the job. Then the team moves on to the next steps.
  • Rigorous pre-screening-
    • Our team will then conduct a comprehensive screening process to determine the experience and skills of the candidate. This process will include an in-person meeting and complete background investigation.
  • Technical skill evaluation-
    • The next step in the process is the technical skill evaluation. Here our team will cross check the technical skills of the candidates.
  • Behavioral based interview-
    • After the technical skill evaluation is complete, our team will conduct a behavioral based interview, which will ensure that the candidate understands corporate ethics and has strong communications skills.
  • Reference checking-
    • After the behavioral based interview, the team will then proceed to check references.
  • Candidate presentation to the client-
    • After going through our screening and evaluation process, The candidate is now ready to be presented to the Client.
  • Client interview-
    • The client then conducts an interview as per their individual company’s set standards and will follow their recruitment process.
  • Confirmation-
    • After the interview, if our client is satisfied, they may then offer the job to the selected candidate.