Available IT Manpower Resources for Immediate Hiring (On-Site & Off-Site)

Competent manpower is an essential requirement of any organization, and IT companies are no exception to this. Often with the fluctuations in the volume of projects at hand, the IT human resource requirements of a company can vary immensely. Also, the levels of severity of such requirements can vary enormously; while some vacancies might be of low or moderate urgency, others might be of project-critical importance.

At MetaOption IT Staffing, we understand the severity of such project-critical vacancies for IT companies, especially the ones for senior profiles. Hence, we have an exclusive section for IT resources available for urgent hiring. In this section, we enlist the candidates who are available for hiring on an urgent basis and can join you on-site or off-site immediately. For further accelerating the recruitment process, we only include carefully handpicked profiles in this section that have been pre-screened and verified by our HR consultants.

iOS Developer

6+ years of experience in iOS application development for iPhones and iPads with immense expertise in using:

  • Mobile platform programming environments or tools like XCode, Interface Builder, Instruments
  • Conformance and testing frameworks like UIKit, Location Services, MapKit, and Core Data
  • Webservice and internet protocols like HTTP, RESTful, SOAP, and JSON.
  • iOS development platforms from iOS 4.x to 8.x, and Mac OS X.
  • Persistent data storage technologies like Core Data and SQLite.
  • Strong individual contributor with the uncanny ability of working independently as well as in a team